Pi IdeaCom


Pi IdeaCom acts as partners to Pharma Companies for their Brand Proliferation. Pi IdeaCom undertakes all activities from conceptualization to implementation of marketing solutions to ensure Brand Promotion, Brand Consolidation and Brand Penetration.

Pi IdeaCom behaves as an outsourced Marketing Team of Pharma Companies knitted closely with the core teams of the  companies to assess implemented plans, design and re-design future plans. prepare framework for implementation and perform outlined activities as per plan at the right time to ensure desired outcomes.

At a secondary level Pi IdeaCom invests in bringing together the confluence of knowledge, skill, technology and intelligence. Continuously updating with newer technologies in the field of product, market and marketing methodologies.

We are a young knowledge based organization with capabilities in design (patient education, literature, website, apps etc.), content development (therapeutic indices, newsletters, journals etc.), conceptualization (product launch, brand revival, alternative marketing strategies, etc.) organizing shows, events, exhibitions etc


        Pi IdeaCom is a Medico Marketing Communication agency which

        1.  develops medical content  by translating healthcare discoveries  & complex scientific data into motivating

        2.  disseminates content through various channels (print, digital, electronic etc)
        3.  organizes  programs including KOL Management, Patient Education,  CMEs    
        towards increasing the market share of the client