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4th Generation Cephalosporin Campaign



A large Indian pharmaceutical major (a large player in antibiotics) needed a serviceable campaign / initiative for an important brand (4th generation cephalosporin, in the market since 5 years)

50% of business was generated from registered medical practitioners in out-station/ex-station areas of the field staff. This set of customers is largely neglected by most of the pharmaceutical companies. If at all, this set of doctors are humored by being given brand reminders only. Scope of scientific panel discussions and symposia is very limited in such areas. Moreover, this entire set of customers is sparsely located across the nation so the campaign has to be far-reaching and impactful.



How to service these important set of doctors without relying on BTL activities such as gifts and reminder cards?



Service the doctors who are contributing to almost 50%of the business on a long-term basis, a continuous activity which will strengthen the client’s relationships with these important doctors. Needless to add, this long-term and continuous activity should be one which probably no other pharmaceutical company has explored.


Project Details

Pi IdeaCom with the assistance of the client’s field force surveyed approximately 10% of the total clientele to completely understand the profile of these doctors, the kind of patients that they treated, the economic background of these doctors, important parameters which contributed to the success of their private practice, etc.

Pi IdeaCom finally inferred that there existed a huge unmet medical and clinical need amongst this set of doctors. These doctors were non-MBBS doctors and hence had not gone through the traditional method of medical education.  

The doctors were very well versed with the brand, the molecule, the category of drugs in the same class, the diseases and disorders being treated by these set of molecules. Their unmet medical and clinical needs included some basic areas such as interpretation of ECG reports, medical and diagnostic reports, common and uncommon dermatologic indications, etc.



Tap this need and service the doctors in these areas where there is a want of medical education and an eager audience willing to take time out and learn if given the right opportunity. These areas of continuous medical education was in no way linked to the product but it was great opportunity for the client to forge successful relationships with these doctors by giving them exactly what they needed to upgrade their knowledge and hence serve patients better.


The Path Ahead

Pi IdeaCom formulated a series of medical training modules in an easy to assimilate format. The client’s field force played an important role in facilitating these CME Meets and further dissemination of these medical education modules.



The target audience was thrilled to be a part of this initiative and the brand grew by leaps and bounds, registering almost a 15% growth where the entire category was growing only at a rate of 5-6%.