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We believe that Medical Communication is a holistic and a continuous process and the process is evolving. Every evolution calls for changes and adaption from the inhabitants and only those survive or prosper who can keep pace and adapt to the changes at that pace. We have developed capabilities which allow us to keep track of the changing technology and applying the same to the pharma field to yield more desired outcomes.

We thereby believe in developing a close knit with the company, the brand, the people which allows for continuous brainstorming, continuous adaption, continuous environmental analysis, continuous feedback and thereby modification and adaption of techniques, systems and procedures which will allow for ease of ongoing achievement of the objective of increasing market share.

Medico-Marketing Consultation (Strategic - End to end Solutions)



·         Content Management Services

·         Medical Writing

·         Continuous Medical Education Facilitation

·         Medical Communication

·         Web Application

·         Health Informatics

·         Telecommunication Services

·         Training

·         Thought Leader Management

                ·              Video Development


We also have luminaries from the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry who guide us in formulating strategies and scientific solutions.


Pi IdeaCom offers a complete CRM engagement program. This unique and completely customer centric solution is designed to give you the opportunity to

  • Develop your KOLs
  • Keep your KOLs engaged through a long term ‘benefit’ driven campaign and in short, it gives you “A platform to OWN a COMPLETE THERAPY SEGMENT”.


Services Offered:

  • Perceptorship programs
  • Training
  • Manuscript and article writing
  • Investigator initiated study (IIS)
  • International speaker programs and Conferences