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Continuous Medical Education Facilitation

We help organize education for doctors, patients, para-medical staff, sales teams, etc. We develop content for these education programs on our own, or we develop the same in association with healthcare institutions in India or from across the globe.


Pi IdeaCom provides both the Content and the Technology for various education services. We develop or help/facilitate organizations to re-purpose/develop medical content for medical education and publishing industries for e-learning projects, medical and scientific electronic content development, computer based examinations and medical journals.


We develop and offer a host of services:

  • Online Education Content and Technology
  • Online Testing Services
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Services
  • Medical and Healthcare e-Learning providers
  • Social Awareness Campaigns
  • Online Publications and Websites
  • Promotional Campaigns and Services
  • Creative and Advertising Support
  • Community and Patient Education Services