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Web Application

Integrating the Healthcare industry with the internet revolution. The Internet has changed the world dramatically ensuring greater networking, bridging distances and propagating knowledge like never before. It has the potential to transform the World.

Pi IdeaCom helps unleash the Power of the Internet. Providing technology and content for rapid dissemination of knowledge, better connectivity to primary healthcare providers, easy access to quality information for both service providers and consumers and networking are some of our endeavours for this commitment.


Pi IdeaCom develops the following for its clients:

·         Web Design & Development

·         Visual Design

·         Digital Branding

·         e-Learning solutions

·         Web Applications

·         Blogs & Forums

·         Micro-sites and splashes

·         Quiz Portals

·         Knowledge Management Solutions

·         Survey Portals

·         Polls and Quizzes

·         Interactive Games

·         CRM solutions

·         Information sites/Portals